Thursday, 30 April 2015

#VENTilation - The-Mith [Download]

Written by, Tom Mayanja
It’s that sweet taste of sin-
That’s got me doing wrong/ man I need faith again-
But I don’t know where to begin-
Been gone for so long and the church ain’t helping him-
Been hoping to settle down-
Hoping to stop playing games-
Hoping for joy/ hoping to stop laying dames-
Hoping that all of my nights will start ending sane-
But instead it’s Faith, Joy, (and) Hope who I keep laying in-
Bring the prayer in-
Say “Amen”
And hope you see the flame, before you get to feel the pain-
Pain I’m used to/
If I told my story, I’d have more than a million hits on YouTube-
And hits I got a few/
But hits will guide this dude-
Go Line4Line, and you’ll see that I’m the truth-
Never far-fetched inside this booth-
In fact, God blessed/ no contest/ from these other dudes-
I hear them talk, “he’ll never get it right”
Well what’s the bet maafaka, I’ll bet with my life-
Try and get yours, once/ I’m getting mine twice-
This is nothing to me/
Floyd in any fight/
Messi on any night/
Test me and get a right/
Games I’m never playing/ Denzel taking flight---
They’ll never be even half as nice/ while my pen game keeps soaring up to greater heights-
I know you hate The Mith/ you bloody atheists-
But do not start war with the god/
You cannot take the hits-
Never was their favorite-
But 2 albums in/
I learnt how to win/
So watch me savor it-
And watch me ball/
Amoding, flawless victory-
A couple of years in/ but they’ll never challenge me-
TMMG only 1 that can manage me-
K.U.T by my side/ we will handle beef-
There’s nothing new-
Same lanes, same avenues/
Same games played by the same fucking fools/
Same lames stuck with the same attitude/
Same rules/ you cannot test me and my fucking crew-
Lang still crazy/
J wildin’ out/
P grinding hard/
Nav rocking out/
I got issues still, trying to work ‘em out/
But it’s Beast Mode nigga, best believe we gon’ knock you out….


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