Wednesday, 10 February 2016

WATCH: Eh Mama - The Mith ft. Maro

Eh Mama is the official single from Mr. So UG’s sophomore album, Destination AFRICA and it features the “RnB Kyabazinga” Maro. The song is produced by one of the most sought after UG Hip-Hop/Urban music producers in Uganda Aethan and it’s a remake of an old Ugandan folk song which attributed it to being a fan favorite in clubs and on radio.
“Eh mama for me brings back many childhood memories driving around with my father, as he played the original version.” Mith explained. “I decided to do this remake for it, so this generation can have their moment with the song whether in clubs, bars, cars, or just chilling back at home”
The video was shot in various locations of Kampala and it was shoot iViZUALZ. The video comprises of vibrant, different sceneries of Kampala with The Mith and Maro performing in different locations that keep the video true to the song and rich in concept while driving the message to the viewer. 
“The video had to be shot like so it stays authentic to the song,” Mith reflecting on the concept of the video. “We didn’t want to stray unnecessarily far from what we were saying on the in the song and the general feel of the song. That’s why it was done like that.” 
In this video people will connect and engage with the storyline since the concept is something they can relate to. The video conveys and communicates a feeling in addition to its implicit story through its storyline.
The album is available on iTunes and all other digital platforms. 

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