Friday, 10 June 2016

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: First Family - The Mith ft. Tamale Mirundi

What Up UG my Love?
How do U be my Love?
It’s been a while since we spoke truly my Love
Thought U were through with these thugs
I’m thinking U need a hug/
Coz they keep treating U like a groupie, my Love
I know that I’ve been on a low/
And that’s been pretty unavoidable/
I’ve been going through the most/
But never was I avoiding U
My Grandpa’ passed, 1 of my best boys too
Then my girl passed, I asked GOD to hit reboot
I’m thinking “Shoot”/ feeling like I’m the next up
These pieces complete my life/ and all this stress really sucks
I really need to work/
The clock’s ticking/
I need to make a killing/ before I’m done with all this spitting, now
It’s back to the classics I’ve been known for
A whole year of mad hits, let’s see who scores more
Me and my team/ Mamdani/ we got the doors closed
And if you try to test us, we’re for war, like VOLTRON
Eish, UG what’s been going on?
The creatives can’t create no more
They try to steal what’s been there before/
But we’ve seen all of that before/
They need to observe and just explore more
The politicians still poli-tricking
Some musicians still sneak dissing
1 of the gems I got from my father, is, if they ever try to push/ I make sure I push harder
“Our Father”
I pray U bless, my family, my friends/
My Life/ I’m armored
So if it’s beef, U need to stop that thought
Before U find U have nowhere to go/
Like I got all the roads closed
They’re quick to say, what I need and what I should do
Forgetting it’s what I need and what I should do
I am a Beast/ I got some screws loose
I’m So UG/ I cannot lose *2
I’m So UG/ how can I lose?
The man in the mirror/ yeah that’s my idol
And I’ve been writing gospel/
Every pad is my Bible
Him Eiffel/ tower over the game/ them micro
U can never be as bad/ word to Michael
Stop the bullshhhh
Whole crew on a full clip
Verse is truth/ need a pulpit
U and your crew are pretty much useless/

Ah man, this is stupid…

Saturday, 4 June 2016