Sunday, 13 December 2015

WATCH: The Mith On Coke Studio Cypher


 Thomas Edison I'm enjoying the light show-
Flow stays tight/ yours needs help/ Lipo-
Talk slick in the trenches/ punchlines are pipe bombs-
I'll bring you out/ I'm "Off The Wall"/ Michael-
Lyrically a psycho-
Fight for my team/ while you keep bleeding in a cycle-
I'm leading y'all with my flow-
Weeding out those who oppose/
Ahead of competition, so what do I need my sight for-
Write for flight/ like the Wright Brother's sketch board-
Your man is all hype/ what you got him on the stage for?
Crazy flow/
Carries machetes, swords/
So I'm built for war, like an 80's Sevo-
By far the best, for my star to rest/
You're gonna need/ the right bars that can pierce through flesh/
You're gonna need/ a writer who's excellent/
Coz I'm lyrically fit/ I handle bars with no stress

-The Mith-