Monday, 20 April 2015

TheMithMusicMondays: Agambakii - The-Mith & Nonini

Imon called me up at 2am, saying he had a beat for me. 2am?! I wasn't trying to hear that, I was in Club Rouge with a couple of girls. But he insisted. So I told him I'd see him 1st thing in the morning.

At 10am, I made my way to SouthSyde Studios in Mengo. And as soon as I walked in, Imon started to sell his beat to me."Mith, this beat!! You have to use this beat as it is. The chorus is already in; you have to write 'round it."I liked that. No producer had really given me a concept before.

Once he hit "play" I knew I'd have to bring my top pen game to the proceedings. But I also knew it deserved to be bigger than just the 1 artist on it, me. So I hit up Nonini from Kenya. Told him I had a beat for us to work on, and his reply, like always, "send the beat"
He heard it, liked it, asked what "agamba kii" meant, sent a verse and a half back the same day... I was still nursing a hangover...

We made a #KLASSICK though...

Download Agambakii (What Are You Saying?) Here


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