Friday, 10 June 2016

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: First Family - The Mith ft. Tamale Mirundi

What Up UG my Love?
How do U be my Love?
It’s been a while since we spoke truly my Love
Thought U were through with these thugs
I’m thinking U need a hug/
Coz they keep treating U like a groupie, my Love
I know that I’ve been on a low/
And that’s been pretty unavoidable/
I’ve been going through the most/
But never was I avoiding U
My Grandpa’ passed, 1 of my best boys too
Then my girl passed, I asked GOD to hit reboot
I’m thinking “Shoot”/ feeling like I’m the next up
These pieces complete my life/ and all this stress really sucks
I really need to work/
The clock’s ticking/
I need to make a killing/ before I’m done with all this spitting, now
It’s back to the classics I’ve been known for
A whole year of mad hits, let’s see who scores more
Me and my team/ Mamdani/ we got the doors closed
And if you try to test us, we’re for war, like VOLTRON
Eish, UG what’s been going on?
The creatives can’t create no more
They try to steal what’s been there before/
But we’ve seen all of that before/
They need to observe and just explore more
The politicians still poli-tricking
Some musicians still sneak dissing
1 of the gems I got from my father, is, if they ever try to push/ I make sure I push harder
“Our Father”
I pray U bless, my family, my friends/
My Life/ I’m armored
So if it’s beef, U need to stop that thought
Before U find U have nowhere to go/
Like I got all the roads closed
They’re quick to say, what I need and what I should do
Forgetting it’s what I need and what I should do
I am a Beast/ I got some screws loose
I’m So UG/ I cannot lose *2
I’m So UG/ how can I lose?
The man in the mirror/ yeah that’s my idol
And I’ve been writing gospel/
Every pad is my Bible
Him Eiffel/ tower over the game/ them micro
U can never be as bad/ word to Michael
Stop the bullshhhh
Whole crew on a full clip
Verse is truth/ need a pulpit
U and your crew are pretty much useless/

Ah man, this is stupid…

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Nze Wuwuo - Mith ft. Herbert Ssensamba & Myko Ouma

THE MITH returns with the most ambitious collaboration for the year 2016, in Ugandan Hip-Hop, with “Nze Wuwo” featuring Herbert Ssensamba and Myko Ouma. Produced by Samurae, for Talent Africa Studios, “Nze Wuwo” is a perfect blend of Hip-Hop and Soul music. This is the type of production that plays to THE MITH’s strengths, lyrically. The addition of the guitar maestro Myko Ouma, and the talented vocalist Herbert Ssensamba, takes this song to even greater heights.

THE MITH has decided to release only singles this year; “Nze Wuwo” is the 1st new single.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

WATCH: Eh Mama - The Mith ft. Maro

Eh Mama is the official single from Mr. So UG’s sophomore album, Destination AFRICA and it features the “RnB Kyabazinga” Maro. The song is produced by one of the most sought after UG Hip-Hop/Urban music producers in Uganda Aethan and it’s a remake of an old Ugandan folk song which attributed it to being a fan favorite in clubs and on radio.
“Eh mama for me brings back many childhood memories driving around with my father, as he played the original version.” Mith explained. “I decided to do this remake for it, so this generation can have their moment with the song whether in clubs, bars, cars, or just chilling back at home”
The video was shot in various locations of Kampala and it was shoot iViZUALZ. The video comprises of vibrant, different sceneries of Kampala with The Mith and Maro performing in different locations that keep the video true to the song and rich in concept while driving the message to the viewer. 
“The video had to be shot like so it stays authentic to the song,” Mith reflecting on the concept of the video. “We didn’t want to stray unnecessarily far from what we were saying on the in the song and the general feel of the song. That’s why it was done like that.” 
In this video people will connect and engage with the storyline since the concept is something they can relate to. The video conveys and communicates a feeling in addition to its implicit story through its storyline.
The album is available on iTunes and all other digital platforms. 

The Mith Contact: 


Sunday, 13 December 2015

WATCH: The Mith On Coke Studio Cypher


 Thomas Edison I'm enjoying the light show-
Flow stays tight/ yours needs help/ Lipo-
Talk slick in the trenches/ punchlines are pipe bombs-
I'll bring you out/ I'm "Off The Wall"/ Michael-
Lyrically a psycho-
Fight for my team/ while you keep bleeding in a cycle-
I'm leading y'all with my flow-
Weeding out those who oppose/
Ahead of competition, so what do I need my sight for-
Write for flight/ like the Wright Brother's sketch board-
Your man is all hype/ what you got him on the stage for?
Crazy flow/
Carries machetes, swords/
So I'm built for war, like an 80's Sevo-
By far the best, for my star to rest/
You're gonna need/ the right bars that can pierce through flesh/
You're gonna need/ a writer who's excellent/
Coz I'm lyrically fit/ I handle bars with no stress

-The Mith-

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


By Tom Mayanja

We need to start claiming our wins. Be silent about the faults but, always look for ways to correct them. We have seen so much good happen in UGHipHop this year but, for some reason people will pretend like they haven’t noticed any of it.

The year started off with Baru Beats (Baru discusses Redefinitions) releasing his “Redefinitions” project. The project featured 11 Ugandan artists; mainly in Hip-Hop expressing themselves on the same beat. It featured established artists like: Enygma, Ruyonga, and Patrobas, as well as up and coming acts like: Pryce, Code, Tucker, and new acts like: P.I.F, Ninja C and more. The project went ahead to set the tone for the year. New producers, new acts and new ideas were being introduced to push the genre forward.

That trend went on when underground camps used social media to get recognition. 207 and his Kriminal Kase production team delivered the solid Gritty Cypher, Mean Cypher and Mainstream meets Underground Cypher. MC’s who many people had heard of, but had never seen, were now officially in the public eye.

Sylvester and Abramz were there to show us that Old IS Gold with their individual campaigns; Break Dance Project Uganda and Ziva Muntuuyo. Abramz got a 30 minute feature on CNN, and was also featured on DW tv, talking about how they used break dance to help less fortunate kids in the slums, get a better living. Sylvester on the other hand used his Ziva Muntuuyo song, and clothes line, to talk about the current mentality of the everyday Ugandan, the Hustle mentality.

Lady Slyke had a dope year too. She featured on the All Female Cypher, but also went to feature on CCTV thanks to her News Beat show.

Lyrical G released his 8th album, Feel Good Music, EIGHTH ALBUM. Let that sink in please. And to mark that, he had his 1st ever solo event: The Feel Good Music Experience. And everyone in “UGHipHop” was at the event. Everyone from radio hosts to TV presenters, Legends to new comers, everyone was there to support this moment. They were there to support Lyrical G, the guy who had, for so many years, been the Face of what we do.

Ruyonga had 2 concerts to mark the release of his “Glory Fire” album. A V.I.P show, as well as a Fire Army show in the Makerere sports grounds. Mun*G also had a 2 concerts to mark the release of his “Byayanga” album. And even though he had issues with the government, who went ahead and cancelled his Kampala show, he went ahead and had 2 successful concerts away from Kampala. Gravity had a huge concert at Freedom City, on Independence Day.

Mixtapes, albums, ciphers, videos and dope singles were released. A Hip-Hop show was started on Urban TV. Touch FM also started a Hip-Hop show. Continental television was invaded. Events were held in Uganda. The likes of Navio, Atlas, Keko and many more went to events in different countries, both continental and global. But somehow people want to downplay what “UGHipHop” has achieved, and continues to try to achieve.

We need to start claiming our wins. It’s been a good year thus far; let’s work at making it even better.

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Monday, 2 November 2015

#NdiSteady - Lyrics

Written by: Tom Mayanja

Life knocking me down, but you will see me smile
No need to think about it, homie I’ll tell you why
Ndi Steady. Boss Ndi Steady. Ndi Steady. Boss, Ndi Steady
I don’t have a cent on me, but I’m looking fly
My gas tank on E, but I’m ready to ride
Ndi Steady. Boss, Ndi Steady. Ndi Steady. Boss, Ndi Steady

Verse 1:

Ndi steady, Ndi steady
I’m So UG tees, Ndi ready
Earned everything you’ve seen the boy getting
Coz I stay on my grind and receive the Lord’s blessings
Best believe there’s no resting
‘till I’m gone or I’m received in all sections
I repeat there’s no resting/ I got goals I must achieve in all sessions
So keep talking, I’ll keep grinding
Watch me get it all in perfect timing
None of them came close or could out rhyme him
Been all about my Bars, like I owned asylum
The flyest 1
Crossing over to success, no Iverson
Where I am from
I’m always striving for more/
Like Omwony on the court/
You know the boy moving forward.

Family/ Check
My boys/ Check
My girls/ Check
Man, I don’t need the rest (x3)

Verse 2:

Ndi steady, Ndi steady
I roll with the K.U.T/ tuli ready
Who would’ve thought, at a younger age/
The words we wrote on a VISA page/
Would get us through our trouble days?!
The hustle pays, and a skill set too/
That’s why I’m never threatened by talks of who’s the next dude
My catalog’s impeccable what could you tell dude?
Only competition is myself, the rest I’ll get through
And while I make moves/ they stay hating
They say they’re in the building/ but it stay vacant
Me and my team stay suited up/ we’re so Made Men
The Don/ got MoHits than a Mavin
I slay all these tracks
You ain’t saying sh*t/ I say more on tracks
I say more with facts/
The Dopest in the game/ you can bet all on that